Huge monthly recurring payouts

Become a Iberry WiFi Solution Partner

  • Sell our Solutions including Social Wifi to your clients
  • Get great discounts on all plans
  • Recurring monthly payouts
  • Iberry will provide sales and marketing support
  • Technical training will be provided to all the partners
  • Best for: IT venders, Hotspot Providers, ISPs, Network Systems
    Providers, Wireless Specialists etc

  High commission up to 40% 

 Commission increases the more you sell

  • Global management using Cloud technology
  • Router-based.High end technology
  • Online customers management portal
  • System is  self-sufficient and easy to manage

Huge benefits

Work flow is simple and straight .

  • Huge discount up to 40%
  • Online  demo account totally free
  • Support will be there on all aspects
  • Telephonic and online  support
  • Support and training will be  given

iberry WiFi gives you best results.

Call us for a chat on +91985-502-11172 and we’ll work out a plan for your business.